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Party Invitations

Party Invitations

Party Invitations and Accessories

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NOTE: You can customize any invitation you see on our site to your type of event. If it's an anniversary,Quince, or sweet 16, you can customize the verse, sometimes the colors of the cardstock, pockets, and even add buckels and ribbons to the invitations.

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Other than friends, the groom's family and my family, who should receive wedding invitations?

Send invitations to the members of the wedding party and their parents. It is also appropriate to include the officiant and his/her spouse. All children over the age of sixteen should receive their own invitation. Plan to order an additional twenty-five invitations to allow for the unexpected. It is less expensive to buy extras now.

Should I have a return address printed on the back flap of the invitation's outer envelope?

Yes! The U.S. Postal Service suggests that all first-class mail have a return address. It gives the wedding guest an address to which to send a reply (if you don't use reply cards) or a gift. Also, it ensures that you will know if the invitation does not reach its destination as it will be returned to the sender.

Is it acceptable to send gift registry cards with the invitation?

It is not proper to include with your wedding invitation any card that mentions gifts you expect to receive. Let friends and family spread the word on where you are registered.

My fiancÚ and I have had several showers and other parties given in our honor. Therefore, some friends have given us more than one gift. Can we write one thank you note to cover both gifts, or does each gift require a separate note?

Gifts given at separate parties require separate thank you notes. If you use preprinted thank you notes to immediately acknowledge that a gift was received, always follow up with a hand written note to the gift giver. These notes should be written no later than two months after the wedding.

How do you address the outer envelope of an invitation to a married couple if the woman has kept her maiden name?

If the woman kept her name, address the envelope with both names on the same line if space permits:
Mr. William Greenberg and Ms. Laura Vargas
28 Brookview Avenue

For an invitation to an unmarried couple living together, list their names alphabetically on separate lines without "and":
Mr. William Greenberg
Ms. Laura Vargas
28 Brookview Avenue

Party Invitations